Would you trust braces bought on the internet to straighten your teeth?

One of our orthodontic patients recently alerted us to a Daily Mail article of the 5th August. This article highlights that a U.S. company, SmileDirectClub promise you a Hollywood smile via the post.

And SmileDirectClub isn’t the only such business model out there. We know of other companies making similar claims.

How does it work?

You either go for a scan at a High Street shop or if that’s not convenient, have an impression kit sent through the post. Either way, a series of corrective aligners are made.

SmileDirectClub claims that it can straighten your teeth using these clear aligners at about 50% of the cost of Invisalign aligners.

What do we think?

Training and experience

Enhance Dental’s team includes a Specialist Orthodontist and Invisalign Providers with collectively 25 years of postgraduate training and experience.

They can personally assess each patient and recommend the precise treatment that best meets their dental needs.

There are other ways of straightening your teeth

Aligners may not always be the best answer for you. If you’re looking for a discreet solution then Enhance Dental offers other options you may like.

DIY Impressions through the post?

We have been taking impressions for years. We have had lots of practice. Do we get it right the first time?  not always…..and we’re experts!

The thing is that the impressions have to be perfect and we know what we need to do to get them perfect.

In fact, we don’t always need to take impressions, we can use our 3D Trios digital scanner instead.

What do other experts think about Internet Dentistry versus the Face to Face Consultation?

Eddie Crouch vice chairman of the British Dental Association says:

‘We advise people to think twice before going ahead with any treatment that is carried out remotely, without a consultation or via the internet.

The best starting point for orthodontic treatment should always be to see a clinician who has the appropriate training and experience. They can advise you about the different types of orthodontic appliances available, the advantages and risks associated with each, and the one most suited to your needs.

Seeing an experienced clinician will allow treatment to be carefully monitored and ensure that if any problems arise, these are addressed. If the treatment isn’t monitored over time, you may not get the best outcome, and there is a risk of causing permanent damage to dental health’

Complimentary Consultations

Enhance Dental offer consultations with our Orthodontic team along with monthly payment schemes, the treatment also includes Free Teeth Whitening (18years+).


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