Problems with the Temporomandibular Joint (Jaw) causing discomfort are common.

There are many causes of this, however, teeth clenching and grinding is a primary cause. Our team are able to offer therapeutic options to relieve jaw discomfort.

When patients clench or grind their teeth they are using their muscles in that area more, which usually results in an enlarged masseter muscle. Treatment of the masseter muscle at Enhance can not only reduce jaw discomfort but can also slim the lower face. The treatment can also help alleviate headaches caused by jaw tension.

Enhance Dental offers different treatment options for this problem:

  • Night time jaw splint
  • Injectable therapies

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“I always felt like I had a square jaw like my dad. I attended Enhance thinking I wanted filler in my jaw to make it look better. At my consultation, Rachel found that I have large jaw muscles which were making my jaw look square. I have always clenched my teeth as long as I can remember. I never thought clenching my teeth would make my jaw look bigger! We treated the jaw with small muscle relaxant injections and I am so pleased with how my jaw has changed shape. Thank you.” – Eliza

“My dentist advised me to see Rachel at Enhance to discuss my jaw ache. I have had jaw ache for over a year now and despite wearing a nightguard I am still struggling. The tipping point was recently getting these pressure headaches from my jaw ache. I saw Rachel and she advised me to have some muscle relaxant injections in my jaw muscle. I feel so relieved from the treatment, I feel like a huge pressure has gone and I can concentrate much better.” – Blake

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