Late cancellation / Failed Attendance Policy

Cancellation of an appointment with less than ‘Two Full Working Days’ notice usually means that we are unable to re-allocate the time to other patients. This leads to lost treatment time, which can then only be covered by increasing charges to our patients.

Running an efficient appointment system where patients give us notice if they are unable to attend a dental appointment, means we minimise wasted treatment time and can keep waiting lists down.

Minimum Notice – ‘Two Full Working Days’

We aim to be fair to our patients and widely publicise our cancellation policy, which requires two full working days’ notice to cancel or move an appointment. If you cancel an appointment at shorter notice a charge will be automatically added to your account as outlined in our ‘Late Cancellation & Failure to Attend Policy’ below.

Why Two Working Day’s Notice?

We ask for two working days’ notice to change, cancel or move an appointment as this gives us an opportunity to re-allocate the time to another patient. If we do not receive two working days’ notice we potentially loose valuable treatment time which along with our staffing costs and overheads still has to be funded.

Late Cancellation

1. In the first instance of a late cancellation we will give you the opportunity to rearrange the appointment and simply pay a fee of £20 to cover administration costs.

2. In the second instance of a late cancellation we reserve the right to charge 50% of the full cost of the appointment. Whilst this charge will not fully cover the cost of the lost treatment time it will allow us to pay our team and to partly cover our overheads which helps to prevent raising our prices unnecessarily.

3. In the third instance of a late cancellation we reserve the right to charge the full cost of the appointment and to suspend your registration at our practice. Further appointments will then only be bookable after settlement of your account and full payment made in advance for all future appointments.

Failure to Attend

1. If you do not attend an appointment and do not inform us you are not coming, we reserve the right to charge the full cost of the appointment and to suspend your registration at our practice.

Late cancellation and failure to attend charges must be settled within 14 days of the appointment date. Failure to settle these within 14 days will result in a £20 administration charge being automatically added to your account, we may charge interest on monies owing and any subsequent appointments you have may be cancelled without notice. We may also ask you to pay in advance for future appointments.


We appreciate your understanding of our late cancellation policy in helping to run an efficient appointment system. We will always take exceptional circumstances into account if the unforeseen happens and on the rare occasion you have the need to cancel an appointment at short notice.

If you wish us to consider exceptional circumstances associated with a late cancellation or failure to attend, simply write to us within 7 days of the appointment date, outlining these circumstances and enclosing any supporting evidence. In the meantime, all fees must be settled as outlined above for us to consider this and, to prevent you incurring further charges. Each case will be considered individually, and we will contact you within 28 days informing you of the outcome.