Worn Teeth

Worn teeth are a common problem, frequently caused by a combination of our acidic diets and grinding habits, amongst other reasons.

This can lead to sharp, weakened and potentially sensitive teeth with a poor appearance. If left untreated, it can lead to the breaking of teeth, pain or death of the teeth meaning root canal treatment or extraction are needed prematurely.

Potential solutions to this can include restoring the tooth shape by building them up with bonded tooth coloured filling material. Alternatively, dental laboratory made restorations such as caps/crowns to restore appearance, strength and function can be used and prolong the life of the teeth.

If you are worried that you have this problem, you can book a consultation which will comprise a full oral health check and a discussion of the possible treatment options along with costs, finance options and upkeep of the dental work will be explained.

Dental professionals, do you want to refer patients for rehabilitation of tooth wear cases?

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Your patient will be returned back to you after completion of the treatment however we would be happy to see them for periodic review of the rehabilitation work as required.

Worn teeth