It’s the 7th August, just before mid-day and by my calculations we’re into week three of the school summer holidays.

So that’s almost half way through, with GCSE, AS or A-level results looming for some of us.

As far as downtime with the family then you may be in the midst of a Stay-cation or be enjoying a Grand Tour with the family.

There are those of you who may, like several of us at Enhance Dental, have enjoyed the delights of the great British seaside and had a visit to the beautiful Yorkshire coast.

The delights of fish and chips and ice-cream awaiting us.

Oh, forgot, the thunderstorms, torrential rain and lightning across Whitby also awaited us! Fantastic time though-can’t beat the rain bouncing off a caravan roof.

Wherever you are, new experiences and lots to tell when back at school.

On the flip side of all this fun and frolic is the ‘back to school’ routine.

We are reminded wherever we turn that the children’s shoes probably won’t fit, that their uniform has probably got holes in it, that if you can find two socks that match then it will be a miracle.

So, amongst all this chaos, don’t forget about getting your children’s teeth checked.

This is traditionally a busy time for us at Enhance Dental as we have a lot of parents wanting their children seen before they go back to school.

We also use these weeks to see college or university students who may have fallen off the dental radar and who need their teeth checking before their return to academia.

Someone told me that when it comes to school uniform, parents sometimes leave it as late as possible, just in case there’s a growth spurt before the child hits year 7.

In dentistry, there is a more gradual development and no 5 cm growth spurts over the holidays and toes bursting out of the last term’s shoes.

So whether it be a routine check or a concern over crowding, book your appointment as soon as is convenient and tick it off your ‘to do’ list.

At Enhance Dental we have a team of clinicians ready to advise and help. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to us or one of our regulars.

We also have Specialist Orthodontist, Sophy Barber, from the Leeds Dental Institute working with us and a recent addition to the team, Itziar Miragaya who has a special interest in Orthodontics.

Both of these practitioners will be able to help with any Orthodontic (teeth straightening) concerns.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your summer .

Team Enhance

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