Rachel told us all about her most recent course…

I have recently had an amazing opportunity in attending Dr. Monik Vasant’s Totally Composite Bonding Course.

Monik is an award-winning aesthetic dentist who uses state of the art adhesive and cosmetic orthodontic techniques. He teaches all over the world so you can imagine I was really thrilled to be part of this course in Manchester.

The course was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel over 2 days and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement from the very start.

Monik’s music of choice is Ibiza dance music played at volume. With that being the background theme of the day maybe I need to revisit my in- surgery radio choice?

What I learnt

An intense two days were spent developing our skills in using composite bonding. The aim was to create beautiful, tooth coloured enhancements in a minimally invasive way. We learnt loads about the science behind providing a good composite filling and what material interactions occur during placement- all necessary knowledge in order to provide the best patient results.

We then got stuck into the practical side of things. Our first case was a front tooth that had been snapped in half. Using a few different techniques, we were able to build the tooth up using composite so, in the end, no one could see there had ever been a tooth fracture.

We then learnt how to close diastema gaps between the teeth. The day concluded by placing a full set of composite veneers which achieved excellent aesthetic results as it made all teeth in the smile line a perfect shape.

All these procedures are minimally invasive and in a real-life scenario would provide a cost-effective smile enhancement.

The first day ended at 19.30pm. Gosh, my head hurt with concentration and dance music! Monik kindly invited the delegates out for a meal at Try Thai in Manchester city centre which was great to speak to other clinicians.

I retired to bed but spent most of the night awake with patients popping into my head wondering who would benefit from the treatments we had done that day.

Day 2 was just as exciting with new polishing techniques being introduced and discussing how we could put all of our techniques together to improve patient outcomes.

Composite Bonding is the future

Using this painless, minimally invasive technique we can create beautiful smiles whilst focussing on protecting the health of the teeth first. We can close spaces, reshape teeth, disguise blemishes, repair fractured teeth and create composite veneers. Some of these improvements might once have only been achievable using more intrusive dentistry.

This is an exciting technique that is going to be of benefit in my daily practice treating the patients of Garforth, Leeds.

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