A few words with… Jen, our Orthodontic nurse at Enhance Dental

Jen, you’ve been a qualified dental nurse for a good few years, so this is a brand new role for you. How’s it been?

I had never done any Orthodontic nursing before so I was quite apprehensive about this new responsibility.

It’s been a steep learning curve but all the staff have been fantastic in showing me what to do.

What is a typical day like?

I nurse for Itziar Miragaya who is one of our Orthodontic providers. She has been with Enhance Dental for a couple of years now and is very popular. No two days are the same, lots of treatment planning, photographs for new patients, maybe just fan informal chat with a prospective patient or more actively treating patients who are involved in treatment. We can straighten teeth using conventional metal brackets, aesthetic tooth coloured brackets, Invisalign aligners through to the increasingly popular lingual, tongue-side braces. I need to be familiar with them all so there’s a lot to keep on top of.

What do you like about being an Orthodontic nurse?

First of all, Itziar is great to work with and has been very patient whilst I have been learning. Then it’s the patients and what we can do for them. Seeing patients come in concerned about their teeth and then at the end of the treatment……. Well, sometimes it can get emotional. We’re also seeing a wider age range across males and females who are seeking treatment. So when I am replying to any enquiries about orthodontic treatment I feel that I have a lot more knowledge.

What next?

There is an ever-increasing range of teeth-straightening systems on the market which I have yet to learn about. I also plan to become more involved with Operation Smile which is the charity Enhance Dental supports. The charity pays for cleft treatment in countries where surgery is difficult to access or cost-prohibitive.

Finally, maybe I’ll wrestle the Orthodontic ordering from Kelly as that’s where the free bar of chocolate lies (in the delivery box)! Guilty…..yes, the practice likes chocolate.

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