Am I too old for braces?


The British Orthodontic Society recently revealed that the number of adults having orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth is on the rise.

It also found that although predominantly women sought straighter teeth, there has been a recent increase in the number of men wanting straighter teeth.

But I have had braces when I was younger and my teeth moved…

As we all know, children are offered NHS orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth if they are deemed to require them. However, many children are told that their teeth do not meet the criteria stated by the NHS to qualify for braces. Consequently, this has a knock-on effect on the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment.

Even if you had braces when you were younger, did you always wear your retainer to keep the teeth straight?

At Enhance we have heard stories of adult patients seeking straighter teeth who had braces when they were younger, and they lost the retainer the day after they had their brace off… never to be seen again!

And… as we get older our teeth move anyway due to changes in bone density and other factors.

Enhance Dental can help you!

At Enhance the orthodontic team have found an increasing trend in adults seeking straighter teeth.

We offer a number of options to straighten your teeth. Including fixed orthodontic braces and Invisalign.

However, research by The British Orthodontic Society found that the most popular way to straighten teeth is through fixed orthodontic braces.

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P.S Look at Lauren… can you spot her fixed brace?

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