Our therapist Rachel, shares her secret to a healthy smile!

Good oral hygiene is key to maintaining a healthy smile.

Someone with a healthy smile ‘good oral hygiene’ methodically and consistently removes plaque that forms in their mouth.

It is normal for bacteria to form in the mouth. Plaque is a mix of bacteria that forms when the bacteria is left undisturbed for a while. Plaque is not good for your mouth as it can cause tooth decay which requires fillings. Furthermore, it can cause gum disease which can result in bad breath, bleeding gums, wobbly teeth, and premature tooth loss.

Are you leaving 40% behind?

I would say most of my patients brush their teeth daily, but a lot of them admit to not doing interdental cleaning every day. Cleaning in between the teeth daily is very important in removing plaque effectively.  Your toothbrush only removes 60% of the plaque and 40% is left between the teeth. The remaining 40% can be removed with either floss, a water flosser, or interdental brushes.

I recommend interdental brushes as they are proven to be the best at cleaning in between the teeth. Interdental brushes come in different sizes and the brush you need depends on the size of the gaps between your teeth. The clinicians at Enhance Dental would be happy to advise you on the correct size interdental brush for you.

By brushing your teeth twice, a day with a toothbrush and interdental cleaning daily you will improve your oral health and maintain a healthy smile for longer.

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Did you know you can upgrade your hygiene appointment by having an air polish? The air polish removes all the staining on your teeth. Patients love it!