Dental Implants in Leeds for £2999

Revitalise Your Smile with our Comprehensive Package

Embark on your smile journey with our exclusive £2999 dental implants package, ensuring a seamless experience from consultation to crown. Your smile makeover begins with a personalised consultation, setting the stage for a tailored treatment plan. Additionally, this plan includes cutting-edge CBCT scan technology, providing detailed 3D images of your oral structure. This precision is crucial for accurate implant placement, analysing of bone density and nerve pathways.

Building a Strong Foundation: Inclusive Bone Graft (if required)

For a solid foundation, our package includes a bone graft if necessary, reinforcing the bone to support the dental implant securely. To further enhance precision, a surgical guide or stent is offered, guiding implant placement with meticulous accuracy.

At the core of our dental implant package, the  implant will be complemented by a custom-crafted crown, designed to replicate the natural look and feel of your teeth, restoring both function and aesthetics.

Post-Implant Care: 12 Months Reviews in Leeds

Post-implant care is a priority, and our Dental Implant package encompasses 12 months of reviews to monitor integration and address any concerns promptly. Your well-being is our commitment beyond the treatment phase.

Invest in Your Smile, Invest in Yourself

Investing in your smile means investing in yourself. Our £2999  dental implant package makes this investment accessible without compromising on quality or care. Bid farewell to gaps and embrace a revitalised, complete smile.

Schedule your FREE discussion today with our lovely Treatment Coordinator (Kelly) to embark on a journey towards a brighter, more confident version of yourself. Every detail matters when it comes to your smile.