Our Lead Nurse, Kelly, is now a fully qualified IV sedation nurse!

Read on to find out why Kelly wanted to do the training and how she can help anxious patients have a better experience at Enhance Dental using IV sedation…

‘‘I am thrilled to share the news of becoming a SAAD assessed sedation dental nurse. My journey began with a genuine desire to enhance the patient experience in dentistry. I knew that dental anxiety was a common issue, and I wanted to be a part of the solution.

I enrolled on the SAAD course; this involved a two-day course in London. It covered a wide range of topics related to intravenous sedation in dental practice, from the science behind sedation techniques to the importance of patient care and safety. The course was intense, but it laid the foundation for my future as a sedation nurse.

Once I had completed the course, I then had to complete 20 cases with the mentoring of Dr Alex Asquith who is a skilled sedation dentist. Working alongside Alex allowed me to apply what I had learned in a practical setting. 

Once my 20 cases were completed, I faced the final hurdle on my journey to becoming a SAAD assessed sedation nurse, a 45minute exam which tested my knowledge, skills, and ability to ensure safe administration of intravenous sedation in a dental procedure, it was a challenging experience but thanks to the comprehensive training and mentorship I had received, I felt well prepared.

In becoming a SAAD assessed nurse it has not only expanded my knowledge and skills in dental nursing but has also allowed me to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients who need specialised care. I am excited to continue helping patients overcome the dental anxiety while ensuring their safety and comfort during procedures.’’

We are so proud of how hard Kelly has worked to get the qualification and cannot wait for our patients to meet our dental sedation team.

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