As many of our patients will be aware, Enhance Dental prides itself on keeping up to date with innovation in dentistry. Digital

dentistry is the most advanced way oral health is assessed, diagnosed, and treated. Our team are highly trained in combining digital advances and traditional dentistry to deliver a 5-star patient experience.

Your 3d Dental Exam: 

Our team use a scanner to take a 3D digital image of your teeth and gums. The scan is painless and takes around 2 minutes. The scan is presented on a screen for you to see so you can see your teeth and gums easily.

The digital scanner can be used to compare your teeth and gums from exam to exam to monitor any changes. Another bonus is that the scanner replaces gooey alginate impressions which so many patients hate. Once the scan is complete patients love viewing the scan as it means they can see what is going on in their mouth.

The digital dental exam represents a transformative leap forward in oral healthcare. By embracing innovative technologies, dental professionals can offer more precise diagnoses, personalised treatment plans, and improved overall patient experiences.

Have you had a digital dental exam yet? You can book one by calling 01132 860232 or book online.