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Lauren qualified as a dental nurse in 2015 with a level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing.

Lauren also holds a Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing, using this qualification, she looks after all of our advertising, marketing materials and social media needs.

Get to know Lauren…

We sat down with Lauren and asked her some personal questions to help you learn more about her.

Do you have any nicknames? 

“I have quite a few nicknames, none of them too embarrassing thankfully! I get called Lozzy, Pops, Flossy, Lol and Fowls.”

What is your favourite Colour? 

“I am a fan of the dark side of the colour chart. I love Black, Navy and Burgundy, but my all-time favourite colour is definitely DARK green!”

What is your favourite food?

Hard one, I love food! Who doesn’t!? My absolute favourite has got to be Greek Food but I do enjoy a good Lebanese or a spicy Mexican.”

Do you have a favourite movie?

“This is a tough one, I think it would either be ‘Easy A’ with Emma Stone, ‘The Boat that rocked’ or ‘Burlesque’ because who doesn’t love a musical with Cher!

Tell us more about your pets… 

“I have 4 pets, 2 dogs, a cat and a tortoise. I have an 11-year-old Lhasa Apso dog called Baby who pretends shes blind unless its dinner time, A 5-year-old Shih-Tzu called Ambrosia (like the rice pudding) who is obsessed with TV adverts, a 10-year-old Leopard tortoise called Lola, although it turned out that Lola is actually a boy and a 2-year-old cat called Sinatra who loves sitting on any form of technology, which is great when I’m working from home…


Tell us what your ideal weekend would consist of? 

“OOooo… My ideal weekend would definitely be to eat lots of street food dishes, long forest walks and a clear night sky for stargazing…. add a few animals in there too! PERFECT!”

What was the first record/CD you ever bought?

“The first Record I purchased was Little Richards Greatest Hits, my first car only had a tape player so the first tape I ever bought was ‘The Fugees’ and the first CD I ever bought was ‘Alice DJ’ – so a very wide range of genres.”

What was your first car?

I passed my driving test in 2013, my first car was a 1999 Bright Red Toyota Yaris, who I called Yasmin. It had no electrics, a tape player and a minor bump which I never got repaired and instead, I drew a sad face on it with a marker pen haha.


Describe your dream house?

“I would love love love, one of those underground energy efficient Earth Shelter houses, with Industrial styled interior and lots of plants, but I would also love a massive victorian house with a tiled hallway and stained glass windows…when I win the lottery I will give you all a tour!”

Who is your celebrity crush?

“I don’t really have a celebrity crush but I think Jamali Maddix is quite good looking.”

Do you have a celebrity idol?

“I don’t idolise any celebrity but I think Comedian Katherine Ryan is a great care-free strong female role model.”

What was your first job and how long did you work there? 

“My first job was actually just down the road at Genix Healthcare, where I worked as a Receptionist for 8 months.”

Where was your last vacation and when? 

“September 2019 – I stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in the countryside of Amsterdam, called Broek-in-Waterland, it was amazing and very peaceful.

What would be your dream vacation?

“My dream vacation would be to travel from  California, through Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington up to Canada where I would hopefully find my dream house surrounded by band never come home”

And lastly, how do you spend your free time outside of work?

“I really enjoy getting those steps in and going on long scenic walks, but when the weathers not on my side, I do enjoy being creative, I do Pyrography / woodburning on an evening and make personalised gifts. All my pets keep me busy in-between.”