Routine DentistryCost
New Patient Exam (including small xrays)£55
Routine Exam£55
Emergency Appointment£55
Small xray£12.50
Full mouth xray£50
Scale and Polishfrom £55
Direct access, hygiene appointmentfrom £55
Airflow stain removalfrom £25
Sylc Desensitiserfrom £25
Fluoride application£25
Fissure sealant£25
Sealant filling£50
Fillings (white)from £100
Denturesfrom £395
Simple extraction£100
Complex extractionfrom £150
Root Canal Treatmentfrom £495
Cosmetic DentistryCost
Teeth Whitening ( Home )£375
Teeth Whitening (Enlighten )£650
Crownsfrom £595
Bridges (per unit) from £595
Veneersfrom £595
Inlays / Onlays£535
Composite BondingFrom £150 per tooth
Sports mouthguardfrom £150
Night biteguard£200
Anti – Snoring Devicesfrom £250
Orthodontic Consultation£30
Tooth coloured braces from £1500
Invisalign alignersfrom £1370
Metal bracesfrom £1250
Incognito Lingual Braces
from £2650
Essix Retainer£125
Fixed Retainer£140
Dental ImplantsCost
Dental Implant Consultation£55
Dental implant and crown from £2200
Facial Botox TreatmentCost
Initial ConsultationFREE
1 Area£150
2 Areas£200
3 Areas£250
Gummy Smile£150
Bunny Lines£100
Smokers Lines
May require botulinum toxin and dermal filler
Jowl/Neck Lift (Nefertitis Neck)£250
Other Areas Botox TreatmentCost
Initial ConsultationFREE
Facial Muscles (pain/clenching/grinding/TMJ)£250
Armpits (excessive sweating)£300
Dermal FillersCost
Initial ConsultationFREE
Lip Augmentation From £180
Naso-Labial Lines (nose to mouth) £200
Marionette Lines (mouth to chin)£200
Cheek AugmentationFrom £250
Jaw AugmentationFrom £300
Tear TroughsFrom £300
Temple Hollow£300
8 Point Face Liftfrom £500
Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose)From £300
Mid Face RejuvenationFrom £299
Lower Face RejuvenationFrom £299