Kirsty Rhodes - Dentist in Leeds

Tea Break with Kirsty | Meet The Team

Kirsty qualified in 2010 with a level 3 NVQ in dental nursing. Since then she has gone on to achieve a certificate in Oral Health Education with the NEBDN, a Certificate in Dental Radiography with the BDA and holds a qualification in Intravenous Conscious Sedation Nursing. 

Kirsty is very passionate about patient care and as our practice manager, she will oversee that every patient has an excellent experience at Enhance


Getting to know Kirsty…

Would you like to know more about our practice manager, Kirsty? Yes we thought so, so we sat her down with a cup of Yorkshire tea and asked her some questions

Do you have any nicknames? – “My friends call me Kirk or Kirky”

Do you have any pets? – “Yes, I have a very smiley 2-year-old black lab called Cooper”

What’s your favourite colour? – “My favourite colour is definitely red!”

What’s your favourite food? – “Definitely Italian food, I love anything cheesy and full of carbs”

Could you describe your ideal weekend? “My ideal weekend would definitely be a secluded log cabin in the Scottish Highlands with my dog, Cooper and fiancé. Plenty of long walks and a pack up!”

What’s your favourite film? “I’m a sucker for Love Actually.”

When and where was your last holiday? “I went to Krakow in October 2019.”

 Kirsty Rhodes - Krakow - Dentist in Leeds

What was the first album that you bought? “I spiced up my life with Spice Girls!”

Describe your dream house… “My dream house would be a working Farmhouse, plenty of livestock and acres of land to farm. It would have a huge kitchen with an AGA oven and a log burner…. maybe a couple more dogs”

What was your first car? “My first car was a 1.2 Silver Corsa, called Lola.”

Who is your celebrity crush? “I’ve got to say, Luke Evans”

Do you have a celebrity Idol? “Probably Marilyn Monroe”

What was your first job? “My first job was a sale assistant in a card and gift shop, every Saturday for about 3 years!”

What’s would be your dream vacation? “My dream would be to tour America in a big old truck, staying in motels and eating from diners – The American Dream!”

And lastly, what do enjoy doing with your free time? “Outside of work, I am currently spending my spare time planning my wedding, but I do enjoy visiting York with my fiancé and taking Cooper for long beautiful walks.”