Treatments for Men

A lot of our male clients just want a fresher look with some softening of lines, some restoring of volume, but to look well rather than ‘done’. Some men are calling the treatment ‘Brotox’.

‘Emotional Brotox’ is where we still have expression, lessening negative frowning without limiting happy smiling movements.

This treatment can soften the results of frowning, the single line effect of quizzically lifting an eyebrow or long term effects of scowling.

Some other popular treatments for men are worry lines, crows feet, smokers’ lines, protrusive dimpled chins and lower face treatments to improve the jawline. We also offer treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

There are anatomical differences between men and women which need to be considered, so at the initial consultation we will discuss what you want to achieve and tailor a treatment to suit you and your lifestyle.

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