Non-Surgical Facelift – The 8 Point Lift

This treatment creates lift and a more youthful look.

As we age, the facial structure changes due to volume loss, which happens mainly in the mid-face region, around the cheek-bones and eyes. The drooping tissues lead to increasing lines appearing around the nose to mouth, chin and jowl areas. Other factors contributing to this volume loss are the sun, lifestyle and smoking.

The 8-point face lift aims to enhance the face’s features, and create a smoother and tighter appearance to the skin.

  • 1&2: Cheek
  • 3: Tear trough
  • 4: Nasolabial fold (line from corner of nose to angle of mouth)
  • 5: Mouth corners
  • 6. Marionette Lines (line from corner of mouth to chin – jowl)
  • 7. Jawline
  • 8. Lower cheek volume
8-point face lift non-surgical
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