Beautiful skin for life.

We are so pleased with the growth of our facial aesthetics clients that we felt it necessary to introduce a skincare range that works and enables our patients to get brilliant results.


Medik8 is an award-winning global skincare brand sold exclusively by skincare experts. Medik8 makes cosmeceutical level products that contain biologically active ingredients which enhance the effectiveness of skincare. Rather than expecting a moisturiser to do only its basic job, a cosmeceutical moisturiser is assumed to have one or more active compounds that offer skin benefits far greater than just superficial hydration.

The Medik8 range can target skin ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation, pores and dryness. It is based on a simple philosophy which incorporates sunscreen, vitamin C and retinol.


Book in with Rachel to discuss your skin regime.

“Elemis, Dermatalogica, Clarins. You name it, I have tried to combat ageing with it. I have forked out hundreds on moisturiser before. I read in the Sunday Times about cosmeceuticals… never really heard of them but thought they sound good! I found Enhance was a provider of this cosmeceutical wonder balm and booked in for a consultation. The consultation was very thorough and after the girl had flogged me the range I was keen to buy, and I expected a whopping bill. I was pleasantly surprised by how reasonably priced it all was. I am pleased with the results so far, and I definitely will not be giving up the Hydr8 B5.” – Catherine

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