Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Sweating is a normal bodily function and helps to keep the body at a steady temperature. However, some people sweat much more than is needed to control their body temperature. This is known as hyperhidrosis, and can be embarrassing and frustrating for sufferers.

Enhance offers a free consultation to discuss therapeutic options to treat your excessive sweating.

“I can finally stand up and present to my colleagues in whatever colour shirt I like. Before this treatment I always wore black to disguise my sweating! Game changer.” – Mike

”I have been going through the menapause for what feels like forever. The latest menapausal joy was sweating alot more than ever before. I am really pleased with the treatment results because it has calmed things down. Before the treatment I was always worried my fringe was damp with sweat when I was out.” – Nicola

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