Gummy Smiles

Some people feel that they show too much of their gums when they smile. This happens when the upper lip lifts too far above the upper teeth, exposing an expanse of gum. One cause is a hyperactive muscle which lifts the upper lip, but also a thin upper lip can contribute to the problem.

Excessive display of the gums on smiling appears to be of greater predominance in women rather than men, who tend to have a lower smile line.

Enhance offers a free consultation to discuss therapeutic options to treat a gummy smile.

Botox® injections may be an option. These work by reducing the activity of the muscle elevating the upper lip, thereby showing less gum. Lip fillers to plump the lips may also be a treatment option.

These techniques used for reduction of excessive gum display can also be used to camouflage dark crown margins and dark spaces, so called black triangles, between the teeth, at gum level.

Cost: £150

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