Laura was so excited to tell us all about her most recent course on lower face rejuvenation with facial aesthetic treatments.

So Laura, why are you so passionate about providing facial aesthetic treatments?

Well, as you know I have been placing dental implants now for many years. I really love how I can help a patient restore the teeth inside their mouth. They are always so thrilled with the implants I place and it is a rewarding job.

I developed my passion for facial aesthetic treatments in 2016 as I found it a natural progression from placing dental implants. Going from restoring inside the mouth the restoring outside the mouth. The frame to the picture.

Tell us about the recent training you have been on…

I loved the training. It brought everything together for me. I feel happy providing facial aesthetic treatments and have been for a while, but this course taught me how to achieve perfect facial harmony in the lower face.

The lower face is the area that sags as we age and many of my patients come to me seeking a solution. I can’t wait to see my patients now I have all this extra knowledge on how to get the best results.

Are you interested in rejuvenating your face and looking younger…

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