Direct Access Hygienist

We brush, we floss, we clean interdentally, we may use mouthwash, but sometimes that isn’t enough to remove tough deposits and give that ‘just cleaned’ feel.

We all know that beautiful clean teeth can make us look and feel good about ourselves, but did you also know that gum disease can develop when plaque builds up on teeth and that there are links between gum disease and health related illnesses including Heart Disease, Alzheimers and Diabetes?

The good news is that Enhance Dental can offer Direct Access Hygiene Appointments, which means appointments can now be made to see our Dental Hygienists without seeing a Dentist first.

  • No need to be referred by a dentist
  • No need for a Dentist’s prescription
  • No need to be registered at Enhance Dental

Treatments we Offer:

Spritz Clean – a simple ‘scale and polish’for those patients wanting a quick clean.

Smokers / Superior Clean – a ‘scale and polish’ for those patients whose teeth require a more intense clean.

Airflo Clean – on its own, or in addition to a ‘scale and polish’, using a combination of water, air and a pleasant tasting powder to lift stubborn surface staining.

Whatever your needs…

Photo smile, Selfie smile , New Job smile, Impress Someone smile, Special Occasion smile, Treat Yourself smile, Health Benefits smile? We can help.

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For your direct access hygiene appointment

Here’s what our clients have to say about us…

“I’ve never had my teeth cleaned like that before.”

“I come once a month to see Rachel, just because I want to.”

“I started coming as a Direct Access Hygiene patient and am now a member of the practice. Wish I had started coming years ago. My mouth feels so much healthier.”

“My mouth was in a terrible state due to smoker’s neglect. I have converted to coming regularly for hygiene appointments and I am working on stopping smoking. The practice has restored my confidence.”