8 reasons YOU should get a Dental Implant…

1. You will be able to smile with confidence.

You will no longer be left feeling embarrassed or worried about smiling and showing your ‘gaps’. Dental implants close gaps left from missing teeth so you can smile with confidence.

2. You will have a permanent solution to tooth loss.

 If they are looked after and kept clean, Dental Implants are designed to last the rest of your life! Our team of dental professionals at Enhance Dental will be able to support you in keeping the implant as long as possible.

Alex Sedation dentist

3. Supports your other teeth.

When you have a gap in your teeth it can cause your other teeth to move. A dental implant will prevent your other teeth moving and will share the pressure and force with your other teeth.

4. No embarrassing slippage.

Does your denture slip when eating and talking? Dental implants are fixed into the jaw so you can function without worrying about your denture coming out or slipping.

5. You will be able to talk normally.

Do you talk differently now you have a missing tooth? Dental implants close the gap that causes the speech to be altered, meaning you speak normally again.

6. Dental implants match your natural teeth.

Dental implants come in different shapes, sizes, and colour to ensure we can get a natural result. Dr Alex will ensure your dental implant matches your natural teeth so no one else will notice you even have dental implants.

7. Prevents changes in your face shape.

When you lose a tooth, your body naturally starts to lose bone in that area as well. This can create a sunken look due to less facial volume, which makes you look older. Dental implants provide a similar support to your natural teeth which makes you appear more youthful.

8.Dental implants restore bite force.

Dental implants are made with a very strong titanium metal and are anchored in place meaning you can use a similar force that you would with your natural teeth when eating and talking.

We would like to invite YOU to come to Enhance Dental, in Leeds, to discuss your Dental Implant options with Dr. Alex Asquith.

You can have a dental implant from £55.55 per month over 18 months. T&C apply.


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