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We all know that beautiful clean teeth can make us look and feel good about ourselves, but did you also know that gum disease can develop when plaque builds up on teeth, which can lead to premature tooth loss, and that there are links between gum disease and health related illnesses including Heart Disease, Alzheimers and Diabetes?

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Enhance Dental has invested in state of the art Guided Biofilm Technology. It is proven to be very effective in treating gum disease and periodontal disease. It can also be used to maintain a healthy mouth as well as maintain dental implants, orthodontic braces and attachments, and condition composite bonding.

It works by gently removing the biofilm both above and below the gum line. It also removes the tooth stains!

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“I’ve never had my teeth cleaned like that before.”

“I come once a month to see Rachel, just because I want to.”

“I started coming as a Direct Access Hygiene patient and am now a member of the practice. Wish I had started coming years ago. My mouth feels so much healthier.”

“My mouth was in a terrible state due to smoking. I have converted to coming regularly for hygiene appointments and I am working on stopping smoking. The practice has restored my confidence.”