At Enhance Dental we provide private orthodontic treatment to many children. 

At around 11-13 years old children will have all their adult teeth in the mouth. At this point, our Orthodontic team will be able to assess them as to whether they are suitable for orthodontic treatment.

Some children will be eligible to receive treatment on the NHS. Our team will be able to advise as to whether your child is suitable for orthodontic treatment on the NHS.

If your child is not eligible on the NHS, and you feel they would benefit from orthodontic treatment then we are able to help!

We offer:

  • Short waiting lists.
  • Day time and evening appointments.
  • Access to a team of highly skilled orthodontic clinicians.
  • We can improve how well your child is able to brush their teeth.
  • We can improve the straightness of your child’s teeth.

All for a fixed price of £1,800.


Please contact the practice to book a consultation appointment.